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Slice Technologies, Inc.

Slice purchase tracking App

My Role

UX design

UI design


In this project, I was mainly in charge of the following 3 tasks:

  • design a modern visual style to the product cross iOS and Android platforms

  • identify and create more user-friendly flows based on Google Analytics data

  • design a new price drop feature within our existing product — when there's a price drop for their past online purchases, notify the users and help them get the compensation price difference back with one tap

As a result, Slice grew the user number from 4M to 5.9M.


Project goals

Slice Technologies has owned the popular App Slice, which keeps tracking of everything bought online after someone links his email with the service. But we experienced a hard time acquiring more users and improving the daily active user numbers. In order to solve these pain-points, here are the goals we aimed for:

  • Apply a new visual identity and updated UI cross platforms, which should excites our users

  • Roll out the new price drop feature — when there's a price drop for the previous purchases, the App should notify the users and help them get the compensation price difference back with one tap, in 3 month

  • Improve the existing user flows to create a better experience

Design methods

noun_journey_1428230 [Recovered]-15.jpg



noun_journey_1428230 [Recovered]-16.jpg



noun_journey_1428230 [Recovered]-18.jpg

A / B


noun_journey_1428230 [Recovered]-08.jpg


noun_journey_1428230 [Recovered]-17.jpg



By collecting App reviews and doing A / B testing, we defined a modern and friendly UI inspired by the latest iOS and Google material design, which our target persona — 20s to 40s females who might not familiar with technologies, could play around the App easily. 

By going through team critics with both designers and stakeholders,  in which we,  We turned the new price drop feature to our first rough design solution with wireframe sketches, flows and lo-fi mocks.

By monitoring and analyzing user activity with funnels on Google Analytics, we defined and improved the non-perfect user flows.

Since our target persona were excited about a friendly and modern visual design, we applied a friendly teal, fun illustrations, and a modern card-based flat design inspired with the latest iOS and Google material design guidelines. Additionally, in order to help non-tech users play the App around smoothly, we simplified the user flows and limited CTA on each screen.

Before move on to prototyping, we created the rough wireframes and flows for the new feature based on our existing UX patterns, and iterated with in-team quick usability tests in design critic sections.  

After tracking user activities, we realized there was a conversion drop during the on-boarding process might be result from a misleading UI design. Thus we revised the design and maintain a low churn rate.


the new feature

We set up one lo-fi clickable prototype using invision and one

revised hi-fi prototype with peers and stakeholders to collect

usability insights.