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Slice Technologies, Inc.

Slice business

intelligence tools

Work with

Designer leader


Customer success team

My Role

UX design

UI design


I worked closely with a lead designer and stakeholders to achieve the following tasks to improve the business intelligence service owned by Slice Technologies :

  • Build a Portal Admin tool: define user flows and situations for various personas in the client’s groups, who should have different levels of accessibilities; accomplish the product wireframes, various fidelity mocks, interactive transitions, prototypes and hand off the pixel-perfect design to the remote developers

  • Design a new web-based product — Sonar, based on the current UX patterns from scratch

  • Define a new visual identity cross products

As a result, Slice successfully cut down the manual cost and confirmed the solution, which was able to provide additional value to their clients.

*For confidentiality reasons I have omitted the actual values for these metrics. All information in this case study is my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of Slice.


Slice Technologies has owned the Slice Intelligence service, which sets the standard for e-commerce measurement to help its clients keep pace with the market and ahead of the competition. Though they have secured a decent number of clients, they were facing the following two challenges:

  • With the increase of the clients, the cost had a significant increase because the data team needed to manually customize and generate data reports for each client

  • Acquire more clients


  • Design a Portal Admin tool, which ensures the clients are able to access, filter and compare the data they brought without Slice’s support

  • Provide additional value to attract more clients by building a new web-based product — Sonar, by using which the clients are able to find and compare their competitors’ metrics in one place

Design methods

noun_journey_1428230 [Recovered]-08.jpg


noun_journey_1428230 [Recovered]-07.jpg



noun_journey_1428230 [Recovered]-05.jpg


noun_journey_1428230 [Recovered]-19.jpg

User Situations

noun_journey_1428230 [Recovered]-20.jpg


Create a Portal Admin Tool

To define flows for the users who have various levels of accessibility; to create an intuitive product design; to establish a brand visual guideline across all products.

By working closely with the customer success team and the lead designer, I clarified the three types of persona — the Portal admin (Slice account manager), who suppose to have accessibility to everything; the Organization Admin, who should have the ability to interact with data purchased by the specific organization,

manages organization members; the standard users, who only be able to play around with the data sets assigned to them. Based on the customer success team’s interviews, we documented user situations and flows for each persona.

After wrapping up the first initial design, I set up a hi-fidelity inVision prototype to collect more usability insights from three power clients. Based on the feedback, we added an on-boarding process for standard users who have little experience with the tech products and made it easier to select a long-time period in the date picker with a clearer visual hierarchy.

Design the new product — Sonar

To identify the user flows, wireframes and create various fidelity mockups based on the current UX pattern; to explore the best way to visualize data by working closely with stakeholders and engineers. 

After establishing the mockups from scratch in two weeks, we set up one hi-fi clickable prototype with three power clients to gather feedback both for the ideation and usability insights. 

Pixel-perfect consistency

By referring to the existing marketing collateral visual style, I established a product guideline for the Admin portal and oversaw the style guideline across the Slice intelligence brand.


  •  Portal Admin tool

Successfully launched the beta version with qualified clients, who were able to access and customize the data they bought without additional support. The official launch was scheduled in one month.

  •  Sonar

Successfully visualized the new product from ideation; received high interest and positive feedback from existing clients; the official launch was scheduled.

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